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Your healthy soul.

Rebuilding a healthy soul.

Build peace inside to show your health outside.

A healthy soul is reached by a myriad of avenues. It is personal to you. For some it is the belief in a higher being. For others it is more about how you interact with the world around you. I would never presume to be able to tell you how to build your healthy soul. What I will do is look for some things that seem to be universal to all. Most of us agree that kindness is essential for the soul. Service to others is needed to have a healthy soul. Reflection on your own life and actions. Cleansing the bad influences and cherishing the good. These are the things I will focus on as we each face our own journey in our own way. You may not agree with everything I find, but that is okay. We are each allowed to have our own opinions and to find the things that work the best for ourselves.