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Your healthy body.

Rebuilding a healthy body.

Eating healthy. Exercising. Getting enough rest. 

Eating healthy. There are so many opinions and options when it comes to eating a healthy diet. I am not a dietitian, but I will look for information and recipes to help you out. Eventually I want to have recipes and menu plans with a shopping list to make your life easier.

Exersise. This is another area that has many options. I will not try to tell you how you should exercise, that is pure folly. What I will do is look for information and options that you can incorporate into your life.

Getting enough rest is a must. Your body cannot heal and repair damage if you don't allow it time to rest. Whether it is the time you lay down or the need for a routine or even medications to help you relax. You can look here to see what I have found recently. Maybe I will come across something that works for you.