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Create your healthy mind, body and soul in a busy world.

I started my journey to rebuild myself just over 30 years ago. I had been struggling with major depression, obesity, and an extremely low self esteem. The standard "remedy" was medication, which in my opinion only made things worse. Through counseling, self help groups, books, and the support of many friends, I have found a better, healthier way for me. Recently I have had difficulty with holding down a regular job and while exploring options I saw that people can earn a living by providing a website that is relevant to life and useful. As soon as the idea took root in my mind, I discovered that I am very passionate about sharing my journey, the process of discovering tools I could use, and the tools that have worked for me. My hope is that I can provide many individuals with a place to find the tools that they need to build their healthiest mind, body and soul while navigating their busy lives. If you are here at my site and you have comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them and you can send them to my email that is listed in the contact section. Thank you so much for checking out my site, my passion. My sincerest hope is that you find some things here that will help you along your way.